The Friends of The Trap Grounds

News / Make Hay on the Trap Grounds…

Posted on 16th September, 2013
Our thanks to the City Council Rangers for mowing the Trap Grounds meadows, to promote the growth of wild flowers next year. When the seeds have had a chance to settle, we shall need help to rake off the aftermath and pile it up to make refuges for reptiles and amphibians. Please come and help on Saturday 21st September, between 10 am and 12 noon. It will be relatively easy work, and children will be welcome. Please wear stout footwear and thick gloves, and bring a rake if you’ve got one (though we can provide several). If you can’t come in the morning but could manage an hour in the afternoon, between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm, please ring Catherine Robinson on 07879 488785 to find out if there is still work to be done. Rain will not deter us.