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Posted on 24th June, 2011

Today (24 June 2011) saw the inaugural meeting of the After-School Environment Club at the primary school of St Philip & St James (on the southern boundary of the Trap Grounds). The club is led by teacher Ms Rachel Woods, who is keen to introduce children to the wildlife and habitats of the TG, encouraging them to use all their senses as they explore the site, and then to record and interpret what they experience. Today eleven children, two parents, and two Friends of the Trap Grounds focused on fruit, berries, and nuts: bramble, red currant, hawthorn, and cotoneaster; rose hips, crab apples, and hazel nuts. We enjoyed the scents of wild marjoram, meadowsweet, and honeysuckle, and the sounds of blackbirds and reed warblers. Best of all, the children found a Common Spotted Orchid (growing next to the boardwalk) and saw a deer in Frog Lane. It looked too big to be a muntjac, but I could not be sure. Asked to define a nature reserve, one of the children said: “It’s a place where wild creatures can feel safe.” We look forward to many more after-school excursions to the Trap Grounds as the seasons change.