The Friends of The Trap Grounds

News / After-School Environment Club

Posted on 2nd October, 2011

Children aged 8-11 from Phil & Jim School are enjoying a programme of activities on the Trap Grounds and Port Meadow on Friday afternoons, led by teacher Ms Rachel Woods. If you would like to help occasionally, between 3.15 pm and 4.45 pm, please contact the Secretary of the Friends of the Trap Grounds on 01865 511307. No expertise required: just a willingness to help the children use their eyes and ears, and record their findings in words and pictures. Zakkai and Conrad, two of the children, report: “On Friday 23 September we went to the Trap Grounds to learn how to recognise different trees from each other. We were led by a naturalist called Alan from ‘The Friends of the Trap Grounds’. He showed us different types of trees. Each type of tree bark looked, smelled, and felt different. We used paper and wax crayons to make bark and leaf rubbings. We enjoyed being surrounded by nature, and had lots of fun. We learned that all trees are very different in different ways. Look out for our next report.”